Our Benefactors


The Ride for Mom is proud to support our benefactors of the funds we raise on our annual motorcycle ride. The Edmonton Domestic Violence Shelters Engage and the six organization under their umbrella support women, children, and seniors who are victims of domestic violence. All funds raised go to support these organizations.

Who are we?
Edmonton Domestic Violence Shelters Engage (EDVSE) is comprised of representatives from six Edmonton-based organizations that advocate for survivors of domestic violence, for their organizations, and for the sheltering response: La Salle, Lurana Shelter Society, WIN House, Wings of Providence, Sage Seniors Safe House, and the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters.

Why have we come together?
We share a passion for ending domestic violence. We know that it is a critical issue found at the root of most social problems in Edmonton, and believe that if we speak with one voice we can build awareness about the sheltering response, and begin to develop a shared language on the topic of domestic violence.
We know that we are stronger together. We see the value in collaborating, and are invested in working toward something that will profoundly impact our community.
We have limited resources and a collective need to generate new sources of funding for our shelters.

What is our goal?
Our goal is to establish an annual event that engages the broader community in a discussion of shelters and shelter work, addresses the issue of domestic violence, and acts as a fundraiser for the EDVSE shelters.
•A mutually-beneficial relationship with a local event partner who is invested in the welfare ofpeople who live and work in their community.
•A partner in collaborating on our first signature event for Edmonton’s domestic violencesheltering organizations.
•A positive and collaborative journey. We want to work with each other, and with our eventpartner, in a respectful, empowering, and energizing way.
•An established or emerging event that we can contribute to and benefit from.

What can we offer?
We can invest our time, energy, and volunteer resources in the event. As non-profit groups, our ability to contribute financially to the event is limited.
Each of our six organizations has their own independent network of contacts, as well as their own independent web site and/or social media channels to support promotion. We are interested in creating unique participant experiences that help educate the public about domestic violence and what shelters do.

Our Vision:
Citizens of Edmonton are aware of shelter support services and actively contribute to a safe and healthy community where domestic violence is eliminated.

Our Message:
Domestic violence and gender oppression happens in our city and impacts us all. Edmontonians can make a difference.

Statements of Purpose:
Create Awareness and clarity about who Edmonton’s domestic violence shelters are, what they do, and the issues faced by populations they serve;
Increase sustainability and expand capacity for Edmonton DV Sheltering organizations; and
Advocate for shelter-based interventions to end domestic violence.

Statement Of Intent For Collaborative Relationships:
Edmonton sheltering organizations serve older adults, women and their children who have experienced violence and abuse
Violence is the abuse and misuse of power in order to control others for personal or political gain: its manifestations and repercussions are felt across nations, cultures, and ethnic and faith groups. As one manifestation of the abuse of power, family/domestic violence is both embedded in and an expression of a broader culture of violence.
The Women’s Shelters, Seniors Safe House and ACWS in Edmonton are committed to providing safe, competent, and ethical care to the women, children, and seniors who have experienced family violence. As a part of that commitment, we cannot knowingly support, partake in, or be affiliated with any activities that may perpetuate or normalize the system of oppression and/or structural and cultural violence that facilitates continued marginalization, oppression, discrimination, and violence against individuals or groups.
To that end, we actively seek collaboration with organizations and opportunities that:
•Contribute to the elimination of racism, sexism, and discrimination of any kind, and respectdiversity and the equal dignity and worth of every individual;
•Promote the vision of a community where every individual is valued and has the opportunityto live without fear and according to their beliefs, abilities, and aspirations;
•Respect and care for the environment;
•Acknowledge the role that power plays in our social and economic relationships, and itscorresponding ability to privilege one identifiable group over another;
•Explicitly embody the values of mutual respect, honesty, openness, accountability, andcommitment to the service of others, individually and collectively.
We will, in all of our collaborations, endeavor to embody these values, and assert the right to refuse affiliation in name or spirit with any activity that is in opposition or runs counter to them.




Contact us to learn more:

Eoin Murray

Communications & Partnerships Advisor

Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters





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